Vision:  Watertown - A healthy, tobacco free community

Mission Statement:  The Watertown Tobacco Free Coalition is dedicated to promoting a healthy, tobacco free environment through tobacco educaton, community partnerships, and supporting local and state policies.

The Watertown Tobacco Free Coaliton (WTFC) typically meets the first Wednesday of the month at noon at the Human Service Agency.  Contact 884-3518 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.



 The Watertown Tobacco Free Coalition (WTFC) The Human Service Agency received a grant from the SD Department of Health in 2001 to support its tobacco prevention work, develop a coalition, and unify tobacco prevention efforts in the community.  WTFC has worked collaboratively with the school and community since it was formed in 2001.  The Watertown School District allows surveys to be conducted with students and grant funds have supported key needs assessments in the community.  These assessments provide the data needed to support the coalition’s prevention work and show the impact of these efforts.

More recently, the WTFC was awarded a Community/School Partnership grant through the SD DOH Tobacco Control Program and has received it annually since 2010. Projects and successes of the coalition include both school and community efforts. Because of the coalition’s collaboration, they can reach out to a large population of youth, young adults and community members in order to decrease tobacco use.

The coalition’s partnership with the Boys and Girls Club of Watertown has made great strides, reaching a broad mix of youth and families. The Partnership grant has also helped them focus on school and community tobacco policies. WTFC partnered with the Park and Recreation Department to provide training and new signage for tobacco-free parks. The coalition then helped re-establish the school district’s tobacco policy by making the policy more “visible” through new signage and banners. The WTFC also partners with local healthcare providers, like Prairie Lakes Healthcare System and Community Health, to provide resources and assistance.