Employment Connections

"Providing meaningful employment for job seekers and labor solutions for employers."



Employment Connections works with people qualifying for services from the Division of Rehabilitation Services of SD (DRS). To obtain assistance from DRS, the job seeker must have a qualifying physical or mental impairment. Once DRS determines that these impairments meet their guidelines, a referral is made to Employment Connections for employment services to be provided.

These employment services are extensive and individualized. They include:

- Unlimited presentations of up-to-date job listings.
- Preparation of personal resume and application completion. Our office has many local applications already on file, and will procure any application not in our files.
- Job Coaching, Monitoring and Interview Preparation are just a few of the job supports we provide.
- Assistance in the research and completion of business plans.

Employment Connections has built a reputation for our credibility. There are several incentives that we are able to offer employers through our affiliation with the Division of Rehabilitation Services. All of these services are free to the job seeker after securing an authorization for services through DRS.

Employment Connections
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