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C.A.R.E. Eligibility Criteria:

Severe Mental Disability - At least ONE of the following:

1. Has undergone psychiatric treatment more intensive than outpatient care more than once in a lifetime (e.g. emergency services, alternative residential living, or inpatient hospitalization); or

2. A single episode of psychiatric hospitalization with an Axis I or Axis II diagnosis; or

3. Maintained with psychotropic medication for at least one year; or

4. Frequent crisis contacts with the center for more than six months as a result of a severe and persistent psychiatric symptomology; and

Impaired Role Functioning - At least THREE of the following:

1. Is unemployed or has markedly limited job skills and/or poor work history; or

2. Is employed in a sheltered setting; or

3. Is unable to perform basic living skills without assistance; or

4. Exhibits inappropriate social behavior which results in concern by the community and/or requests for mental health service by the judicial/legal systems; or

5. Inability to procure appropriate public support services without assistance; or

6. Requires public financial assistance for out-of-hospital maintenance; or

7. Lack of social support systems in a natural environment.

Services Available:

- Medication Management services

- Vocational program

- C.A.R.E. Connections (Drop in Center)

- Representative Payee Services

- Case Management Services

- Psychosocial Education Services

- Transitional Residential Services

- Emergency/Crisis Services

- Outreach

C.A.R.E. Connections

CARE Offices

The multi-disciplinary staff on the C.A.R.E. Team work together to provide services which enable individuals with severe and persistent mental illness to live and participate successfully in their communities.

The C.A.R.E. Program can provide assistance with:

- Coordination of medical, social and psychiatric services

- Medication administration, management and monitoring

- Coordination with treatment facilities and discharge planning

- Developing and maintaining daily living skills and activities

- Social skill development

- Education about mental illness for individuals and families

- Job skills and employment

- Budgeting and financial management


For additional information, to make a referral or to request payee services please contact:

Lynn Amdahl

C.A.R.E. Coordinator

(605) 882-9006 Ext. 301

Fax: (605) 882-1303

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