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Serenity Hills Staff

Deb Hamer
Deb Hamer, LAC - Serenity Hills Coordinator

JoAnne Frey
JoAnne Frey, Medical Staff Coordinator

Serenity Hills Halfway House and Detox Center

Serenity Hills

Serenity Hills is a residential facility for those suffering from mental illness and/or addictions. It offers a unique environment of compassion, dignity, structure and serenity. It is designed to help people begin and continue the journey of recovery, healing and wholeness. Serenity Hills offers distinct programs within a single facility, Social Setting Medically Monitored Detox, Dual Diagnosis Halfway House, Safe Room and Slip Slot.

Serenity Hills emphasizes the restoration of dignity and self-worth while teaching individual responsibility. This includes the development of independent living skills, relapse prevention, coping skills, social skill training, and opportunities for spiritual growth. Serenity Hills combines a 12-step philosophy with a multi-disciplinary team approach including psychiatric, psychological, mental health and addictions.

Serenity Hills offers a short term Safe Room designed for situations re-quiring protective custody for mental health crisis.

Social Setting Detoxification

Program Description:

  • Medical Director on-call at all times
  • 24-hour monitoring by medical staff
  • Drug and Alcohol Evaluation
  • Motivational counseling
  • Discharge planning and referrals
  • Average length of stay; 2-7 days

Halfway House

Program Description:

  • Length of stay, 6 months-1 year
  • Employment required/expected
  • Case Management/Voc Rehab services available
  • Group therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • 12-Step group meetings
  • Psycho-educational activities
  • Psychiatric/Mental Health services
  • Recreation, exercise and daily activities
  • Transportation Available weekdays
  • Cost is $12.00 per day

How to Make a Referral/Apply


Detox Admission Criteria:

1) Are you currently under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs?

2) Are you experiencing withdrawal symptoms?

3) Are your current health problems manageable without hospitalization?

If you answered yes to all of these questions and are willing to commit to admission to our Detox program for 2-5 days, please call 605-884-0650 to speak to medical staff and confirm an opening. We may ask for medical clearance from a Dr. depending on symptoms.

To Make a Referral:

1. Call Serenity Hills at (605) 884-0650.

2. Inform a staff member that you wish to have yourself or someone you are referring admitted for detoxification

3. Staff member will then ask you a few questions such as name, phone number, possible medications, medical history and withdrawal symptoms.

4. Staff member will confirm/deny admission with you over the telephone if appropriate for Social Setting Medi-cally Monitored Detoxification.

5. Admissions accepted anytime


Admission Criteria:

  • Male, 18 y/o or older
  • Addiction and mental health diagnosis required
  • Indication of unstable living environment, deficits of independent living skills, minimal social support systems, and/or multiple relapse history
  • Completion of primary treatment
  • Ability and willingness to obtain employment
  • Medication management

Apply for Serenity Hills Admission

To apply for admission:

1. Complete application linked above or call Serenity Hills at (605) 884-0650 for information

2. Addiction, psychological/psychiatric, physical evaluation and medication record required prior to admission

3. Slip Slot Services (IOP) available if census allows